Saturday, December 1, 2012

SENZ°: The Storm Umbrella which beats 70 mph winds

Courtesy: MailOnline, Daily Mail
Tired of umbrellas which blow inside-out, break, poke you in the eye or catch your fingers in the springs?

This is precisely what Dutch designer, Gerwin Hoogendoorn's countered with the creation of his award-winning, aerodynamic SENZ° umbrella. 

This design sensation is sturdy yet light, and redefines storm protection by effortlessly withstanding winds up to 70 mph without inverting, and instead, gravitates to put itself in the best position in the wind! (Watch Video Below)

The umbrella has a sleek, wing like canopy with a trailing edge, designed to maximize protection, reduce drag and keep rain off your back .

The short side is meant to face the wind and also features Eye Savers, a solid connection between the canopy and the frame, designed with the front slanted down to protect your eyes from any possible harm. The tips on the canopy are also flat and rounded to aid in minimizing injury from accidental pokes.

A foamed, rubberized handle keeps your grip from slipping. The umbrella does not pop open like traditional styles, instead, SENZ° gives users full control by allowing them to pull the opening mechanism down. A push button on the handle, closes the umbrella.

Storms aside, the protection extends to all seasons, and the umbrellas are offered in trendy colors and patterns, and also comes in a XL size for taller people. Three foldable pocket size umbrellas are also offered. 

Kid friendly you ask? With a little bit of initial instruction on handling, children should not have problems using the SENZ° umbrella.

Warranties range from 12 months or 2 years based on the style. The company has a customer friendly approach to returns. There is no need to return a problematic umbrella, instead, just take a picture during the warranty period and save your old one for spare parts.

SENZ° storm umbrellas are offered world wide. Please visit their web shop for purchase or contact customer service. Amazon has great prices on this product as well.

Winner of the 2007 Red Dot design award, along with other major design awards, SENZ° is the perfect umbrella for the perfect storm.